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We create the unique combination of logo, color, shape, imagery and messaging that makes your brand iconic and easily and consistently identifiable across print, digital and social mediums. 

Starting with the brand DNA, we establish its positioning in the marketplace and in its category.  We define the brand’s mission, core values, personality, voice and unique selling proposition.  We then start to craft the brand story and promise.

Once the core message has been defined, the tangible elements of the brand identity are designed.  We work closely with you to create the logo, typography, color palette and form.  These are the graphic elements that will represent the visual expression of the brand. 

Next, the brand’s style guide is built.  The style guide defines the rules set in place for all types of visual implementation of the brand identity.  Brand identity must always remain consistent across a variety of media application scenarios. 

Lastly, a cohesive strategy will ensure your target audience is hearing your message and seeing your product the way you envisioned.  The strategy consists of a launch plan, as well as ongoing support such as social, digital, retail, public relations and events, etc.  We work with you to tailor these strategies into a cohesive cadence in the form of an annual calendar created to successfully bring your brand to life regardless of where and how it will be sold.