Top Eye-Catching Product Packaging Designs

Some designs stand out and leave an imprint in your minds. Such designs even remain fresh in your mind for years. Innovative and creative packaging designs can be refreshing to look in the crowded supermarket shelves. With so much competition consuming the space, a unique, eye-catching packaging can help with the home stretch. Often companies devote a significant amount of time in the Research and Development of the product, with a special focus on quality. While this is necessary and makes a substantial impact in the long run, it is imperative that a consumer gives the product a chance. It has become an aspect of product design and marketing that just can’t be ignored or foregone. According to Statista, “The global smart packaging market is projected to be sized at just under 20 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.” Packaging design that attracts the consumer helps achieve this great feat, in other words, helps give a product it’s “Big Break”.

Consumer’s today don’t have the luxury of time to pick and browse through the plethora of products available in the market. Products with the most exciting packaging can stand out and be considered over the others. This is why the packaging is a key in making a brand noticeable, especially in the retail market. Social media page design, web page design, logo design, and a creative packaging design all contribute to establishing a strong brand identity. Therefore, just as a company pays attention to detail and the market trends while hiring a logo designer to create a logo, similarly exhaustive research must be done for creative packaging design.

There are a few factors that are considered as key in product packaging design can be listed as:

  • Shape

  • Printed Images or Graphics

  • Packaging Material

  • Practicality

  • Environmental Impact

  • Printed Information

There have been numerous studies and surveys on the impact of packaging on consumer behavior. A study was conducted on “The Role and Impact of the Packaging Effect on Consumer Buying Behavior” and published in ECOFORUM. The research focused on the relationship between a consumer’s buying process and certain packaging factors such as the packaging material, design of wrapper, color, printed information, innovation and so on.

The study included various age groups, occupations, and demographics of the respondents and found the following results.

Each day professional graphic designers across the globe strive to create innovative packaging designs and concepts which can grab the consumers and make them remember the product.

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