When it comes to Product Development, we work with the finest labs in the country to create clean, innovative formulas that go hand-in-hand with customized stock packaging or a full custom package design.

We excel in the ideation, conception and development of proprietary, high-performance formulations across the skincare, color cosmetics, hair care, body care, fragrance and home fragrance categories.  We work hand-in-hand with select laboratories to manufacture high quality products while overseeing all testing including stability, package compatibility, safety and claims substantiation.  

Packaging Development– for Beauty & skincare

We create unique, easily identifiable packaging that has built-in brand equity.  Our well-established global supply chain allows us to source stock packaging from all over the world.  We can also design, engineer, mold and manufacture custom packaging, cost-effectively, overseas.

Operationally, we create and manage the timeline, establish the cost of goods for each product, as well as build the bill of materials defining each element of every product to ensure organization and scalability in manufacturing.